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Fascinating Aïda – Silver Jubilee CD

Catalogue No: SCENECD27B

Recorded in London's Jermyn Street Theatre in 2009, Dillie, Adèle and Liza entertain you with a night of hilarious new songs, beautiful harmonies and intricate, satirical lyrics

Now includes the bonus track "Cheap Flights", currently whizzing away on YouTube with well over 12,000,000 views last time we looked!!!

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1. It Isn't Too Late To Be Famous 2. Health & Safety 3. They Care 4. I'm Saving Myself 5. First Bulgarian Song Cycle 2009 6. The Markets 7. My Parents 8. Dogging 9. Second Bulgarian Song Cycle 2009 10. Lerwick Town 11. I Watched Two People 12. Goodbye Old Friends 13. Tesco Saves 14. Gordon Brown 15. Cheap Flights (Bonus track)

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