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Passion - 1997 London Cast


Catalogue No: CASTCD61

Featuring Michael Ball, Maria Friedman and Helen Hobson

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1. Happiness 2. First Letter 3. Second Letter 4. Third Letter 5. Fourth Letter 6. Fosca's Entrance 7. Garden Sequence 8. Transition 9. Fifth Letter 10. Scene Seven, Part One 11. Scene Seven, Part Two (Clara's Letter) 12. I Wish I Could Forget You 13. Soldiers' Gossip 14. Flashback 15. Sunrise Letter 16. Is This What You Call Love? 17. Soldiers' Gossip (Reprise) 18. Nightmare 19. Forty Days 20. Loving You 21. Scene Twelve 22. Scene Thirteen (Farewell Letter) 23. Just Another Love Story 24. No One Has Ever Loved Me 25. Scene Fourteen 26. The Duel < 27. Finale

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