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Cleopatra (The Ballet)

Catalogue No: ENCORECD14

Claude-Michel Schönberg & David Nixon's CLEOPATRA – The Ballet
Northern Ballet Sinfonia conducted by John Pryce-Jones

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World premiere by Northern Ballet at the Grand Theatre, Leeds on the 26th of February 2011
Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg
Choreography by David Nixon
Orchestration by John Longstaff and Claude-Michel Schönberg
Music Director John Pryce-Jones
Co-Design by Christopher Gilles and David Nixon
Lighting design by Tim Mitchell
Projection design by Nina Dunn
Co-Direction by David Nixon and Patricia Doyle

Cleopatra: Martha Leebolt
Wadjet: Kenneth Tindall
Ptolemy: Giuliano Contadini
Caesar: Javier Torres
Mark Antony: Tobias Batley
Octavian: Hironao Takahashi
Octavia: Hannah Bateman

Recorded at St Martin’s Church, Brighouse
Recording and editing Niall Acott using the NJA Mobile assisted by Sean Kenny, courtesy of Ten 21 Recording Studios, Bearsted, Kent
Mixed at British Grove, London by Niall Acott, assisted by Martin Hollis
Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios Mastering, London
Musical Supervisor John Longstaff
Produced by Claude-Michel Schönberg

Northern Ballet Sinfonia
Conductor John Pryce-Jones
1st Violin: Geoffrey Allan, Susan Hall, Raimonda Koço, Suzannah Quirke, Liz Rossi, Yuri Kalnits
2nd Violin: Hayley Pomfrett, Laura Concar, Ian Flower, Jackie Cima,
Viola: Hannah Horton, Mike Dale, Sarah Heartfield
Cello: Sasha Volpov, Jeanette Lander, Martin Couzin
Bass: Steve Costello, Lisa Featherstone
Flute: David Sumbler, Sarah Bull
Oboe: Mary Gilbert
Clarinet: Joanne Rozario, Alan Asquith
Bassoon: Paul Boyes
Horn: John Thornton, Ben Jones
Trumpet: Mark Addison, Gary Ritson
Trombone: Rick Scoates
Timps: Ian Hood
Percussion: John Melbourne
Harp: Céline Saout
Piano: Grant Green

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1. Wadjet 2. Wedding of Cleopatra and Ptolemy 3. Assassination of Ptolemy 4. Chaos in Egypt 5. Caesar in Alexandria 6. Cleopatra and Caesar 7. Boarding 8. Journey on the Nile Part 1 9. Journey on the Nile Part 2 10. Birth of Caesarion 11. Caesar and Cleopatra's Arrival at Rome 12. Cleopatra's Dream 13. Death of Caesar 14. Cleopatra's Return to Egypt 15. Banquet for Mark Antony 16. Cleopatra and Mark Antony 17. Life of Pleasure 18. Dionysus 19. Octavia Arrives in Egypt 20. The Final Conflict 21. Exit of Octavian 22. Farewell to Dionysus 23. Mark Antony's Suicide 24. The Loves of Cleopatra< 25. Cleopatra's Death

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