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Fascinating Aïda – Charm Offensive (Audio download)

Catalogue No: SCENED30

Fascinating Aïda's latest sell-out tour recorded for posterity at the Theatre Royal, Norwich in March 2014.

22 tracks available for download

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David Johnstone & John Mackay present
Adèle Anderson, Dillie Keane & Liza Pulman
and featuring the voice of Michael Fitzgerald in


All songs written by Dillie Keane and Adèle Anderson with Liza Pulman and contributions from Sarah-Louise Young, Michael Roulston, Issy van Randwick and Marilyn Cutts. Oh, plus Gilbert & Sullivan, of course.

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ACT 1 – 1. We're Next 2. We're Not Done Yet 3. Boomerang Kids 4. Spending Nigel's Bonus 5. Dogging 6. First Bulgarian Song Cycle 2013 7. Sea Shanty 8. Joyce 9. Facebook Blues 10. Look Mummy No Hands 11. Down With the Kids ACT 2 – 12. Allo, Bonjour Monsieur! 13. Ofsted Song or A Teacher's Lot is Not a Happy One 14. Little Girls in Pink 15. Beetroot Song 16. Second Bulgarian Song Cycle 2013 17. Out of Practice 18. Taboo 19. Old Home 20. Prisoner of Gender 21. Cheap Flights 22. Your Home Town

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