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Robert & Elizabeth (1987 Chichester Festival Theatre Cast)

The Ronald Miller and Ron Grainer story of the Barretts of Wimpole Street starring Mark Wynter

1. Here On The Corner Of Wimpole Street
2. The Family Moulton-Barrett
3. The World Outside
4. The Moon In My Pocket
5. I Said Love
6. You Only To Love Me
7. The World Outside (Reprise)
8. The Real Thing
9. In A Simple Way
10. I Know Now
11. Escape Me Never
12. Soliloquy
13. Pass the Eau-de-Cologne
14. I'm The Master Here
15. Hate Me Please
16. The Girls That Boys Dream About
17. Long Ago I Loved You
18. What The World Calls Love
19. Woman and Man
20. Frustration
21. I Know Now (Reprise)

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