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Godspell - 1994 UK Cast

Catalogue No: PLGSD001


17 tracks available for download

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Cast includes:
Anna Francolini
George Alex Livings
Steven Elias
Fiona Dunn
Karen Barnes
Katie Verner
Christina Carty
Dominic Tandy
Felice Arena

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1. Tower Of Babble (Prologue) 2. Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord 3. Save The People 4. Day By Day 5. Learn Your Lessons Well 6. Bless The Lord 7. All For The Best 8. All Good Gifts 9. Light Of The World 10. Turn Back, O Man 11. Alas For You 12. By My Side 13. We Beseech Thee 14. On The Willows 15. Beautiful City 16. Finale 17. Mega Mix

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