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Stepping Out - The Musical (Original London Cast)

Catalogue No: SCENED24


15 tracks available for download

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Book by Richard Harris
Music by Denis King
Lyrics by Mary Stewart-David
based on the original play by Richard Harris

The Cast:
Mavis - Liz Roberston
Sylivia - Helen Bennett
Rose - Sharon D Clarke
Dorothy - Helen Cotterill
Andy - Felicity Goodson
Vera - Carolyn Pickles
Lynne - Rachel Spry
Geoffrey - Colin Wakefield
Mrs Fraser - Gwendolyn Watts
Maxine - Barbara Stewart
Backup Singers: Carola Stewart, Diana Croft, Sharon Degan & Glen McLaughlin

Musical Director/Piano: Stephen Hill Keyboard/Assistant MD: Alf Clewlow Bass Guitar: Phil Mulford Electric/Acoustic Guitar: Terry Cartwright Drums/Percussion: Tim Goodyear
Flute/Clarinet/Soprano Sax: Bradley Grant Flute/Alto Sax/Tenor Sax: Chris Harding Trumpet/Flugel: Tim Hayward Orchestral Management: Stephen Hill

Recorded at CTS Studios, Wembley 16-20 February 1998

Produced for record by Chris Walker and Denis King

Orchestrations by David Cullen

Recording Engineer: Dick Lewzey
Assistant Engineer: Gavin Landless

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1. One Night A Week 2. Quite 3. Don't Ask Me 4. Love To 5. What Do Men Think? 6. Too Much 7. Never Feel The Same Again 8. Definitely You 9. One Night A Week (Reprise) 10. Not Quite 11. Just The Same 12. What I Want 13. Once More 14. Loving Him 15. Stepping Out

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