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Martin Guerre (1996 Original London Cast Recording)

Catalogue No: CASTD59


22 tracks available for download

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Arnaud du Thil - Iain Glen
Bertrande de Rols - Rebecca Lock
Guillame - Jérôme Pradon
Martin Guerre - Matt Rawle
Benoit - Michael Matus
Hortense - Ann Emery
Celestine - Sheila Reid
Ernestine - Julia Sutton
Madame de Rols - Susan Jane Tanner
Pierre Guerre - Martin Turner
Father Dominic - Marcus Cunningham
Judge Coras - Paul Leonard
André - Nathan Harmer
Catherine - Stephanie Putson

Villagers of Artigat:
Paul Bailey, Michael Cahill, James Corden, Amanda Courtney-Davis, Alison Crowther, Nicola Jane Filshie, Emma Flett, Alan Forrester, Geoffrey Garrett, Steven Houghton, Sarah Ingram, Natasha Kellett, Tania Mathurin, Craig Purnell, Adrian Sarple, Louisa Shaw, David Shelmerdine, Nicola Sloane, John Stacey, Sévan Stephan, Danny Teeson, Sebastien Torkia

Associate Musical Director - Nick Davies
Violins: Adrian Levine (Leader), Sue Briscoe, Gwilym Hooson, Bjorn Petersen, Dermot Crehan, Mark Pharoh, Christina Emanuel, Chris Bevan, Donald Weekes, Jeremy Williams, Sue Lynn, Carol Slater, Helen Cooper, Rona Murray
Viole: Peter Collyer, Jacky Woods, Clive Howard, Graeme Scott
Celli: Ferenc Szucs, Sue Sutherley, Justin Pearson, David Daniels
Double Bass: Allen Walley, Steve Williams, Paul Sherman
Woodwinds: Kathleen Stevenson, Juliet Lewis, Julian Farrell, Bernie Lafontaine, Peter Harrison
Trumpets: Nick Betts, Dave Archer
Horns: Dave Wythe, Dean Foley, Dave Lee, Chris Davis
Trombones: Tracy Holloway, John Higginbotham
Percussion: Julian Fairbank, Nigel Charman, Graham Kng
Harp: Skaila Kanga
Keyboard: Marcus Tilt, Stuart Calvert (Assistant Musical Director)
Orchestral Management: Maurice Cambridge for Accord Music Productions Ltd

Cameron Mackintosh presents
Boublil & Schönberg's new musical


Book: Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schönberg
Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Lyrics: Edward Hardy & Stephen Clark
Original French Text: Alain Boublil
Additional Lyrics: Herbert Kretzmer & Alain Boublil

Orchestrations: Jonathan Tunick

Recording produced by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg & David Caddick
Music Supervisor: David White
Recording conducted by David Charles Abell
Recording Engineer: David Hunt
Assistant to Jonathan Tunick: Seann Alderking
Music Associate: Stephen Coleman
Recorded July-September 1996 at CTS Studios London
Assistant Engineers: Toby Wood & Eric Jordan
Co-ordinated for First Night Records by John Craig

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1. Prologue 2. Working On The Land 3. Where's The Child 4. Martin Guerre 5. Here Comes The Morning 6. Sleeping On Our Own 7. When Will Someone Hear? 8. Louison / Welcome Home 9. Tell Me To Go 10. Bethlehem 11. All I Know 12. Entr'acte 13. The Courtroom 14. Me 15. Martin Guerre (Reprise) 16. Someone 17. The Imposters 18. The Last Witness 19. I Will Make You Proud 20. The Madness 21. The Reckoning 22. The Land Of The Fathers

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