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Legally Blonde the Musical (Original London Cast)

Catalogue No: CASTCD108

Sheridan Smith, Duncan James, Alex Gaumond, Jill Halfpenny & Peter Davison star in the Laurence O'Keefe/Nell Benjamin musical based on the popular MGM movie

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Elle Woods - Sheridan Smith
Warner Huntington III - Duncan James
Emmett Forrest - Alex Gaumond
Professor Callahan - Peter Davison
Paulette Buonufonté - Jill Halfpenny
Brooke Wyndham/Shandi - Aoife Mulholland
Vivienne Kensington - Caroline Keiff
Serena - Susan McFadden
Margot - Amy Lennox
Pilar - Ibinabo Jack
Grandmaster Chad/ Kyle/Dewey - Chris Ellis-Stanton
Gabby/Stenographer - Emma Bateman
Padamadan/Nikos - Dan Burton
Kiki - Darren Carnall
Judge/Saleswoman - Nadine Higgin
Enid - Suzie McAdam
Dad/Winthrop/Reporter - Andy Mace
Aaron - Matthew McKenna
Courtney/Mom/Whitney - Sorelle Marsh
Pforzheimer - Sean Mulligan
Kate/ Chutney - Roxanne Palmer
Carlos - Sergio Priftis
Cece/District Attorney - Tamara Wall
Lowell - Ed White
Fabian Aloise, Francis Haugen, Jane McMurtrie, Lucy Miller, Sherrie Pennington
Bruiser - Jojo, Pongo or Bruiser
Rufus - Ronnie or Monty

Musical Director/Keyboard - Matthew Brind
Assistant Musical Director/Keyboard - Richard John
Keyboard - David Laugharne
Guitars - Pete Callard
Double Bass/Bass Guitar - Don Richardson
Drum Kit - James Powell
Percussion - Dan Ellis
Flute/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone - Howard McGill
Flute/Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone - Claire McInerney
Trumpet/Flugel - Pablo Mendelssohn, Stuart Brooks
Trombone/Bass Trombone - Richard Edwards
Violin - Jonathan Hill
Orchestral Management
Sylvia Addison for Music Solutions Ltd
Original Broadway Orchestrations adapted by Randy Cohen and Bryan Crook

Produced for record by Stewart Mackintosh
Mixed and mastered by Toby Alington
Assistant Mix Engineer Richard Lancaster
Mixed at Richmond Studios Productions, Twickenham
Recording Engineers: Ian Dyckhoff, Ollie Nesham & Conrad Fletcher on the Red TX mobile derig

Recorded live at the Savoy Theatre, London 12-14 June, 2010

Co-ordinated for First Night Records by John Craig

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1. Omigod You Guys 2. Serious 3. What You Want 4. The Harvard Variations 5. Blood in the Water 6. Positive 7. Ireland 8. Ireland (Reprise) 9. Serious (Reprise) 10. Chip On My Shoulder 11. So Much Better 12. Whipped Into Shape 13. Take It Like a Man 14. Kyle the Magnificent (Bonus track) 15. Bend and Snap 16. There! Right There! 17. Legally Blonde 18. Legally Blonde Remix 19. Find My Way/Finale 20. Bows (Bonus track)

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