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Chish'n'Fips Songbook, The

Catalogue No: SCENED11


15 tracks available for download

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Dear little Big Ones

Here are the songs from our television series. We are especially pleased to welcome our friends CHIPS the cat who sings THIS IS MY PATCH, and HENRIETTA the tortoise, who gives her stirring version of CLIMB EVERY DRAINPIPE plus the jaunty IT'S SPRINGTIME. BLEEP the robot doesn't sing, but he bleeped a special bleep of greetings to you all. In our series, we journey on an exciting quest to find our Big Ones, who have moved house and, by mistake, left us behind. The songs remind us of some of the places we visited a zoo, a school, a funfair and even a launderette.

We hope you enjoy listening to our songs.

Your friends the Gnomes,
Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Fisher

P.S. A rather rude song, sung by a rather rude gnome, Mr. Squeezebox, has somehow found its way on to the end of this recording. This was not our idea. Sorry.
Mr. W and Mr. F.

The Cast
Mr. Wheeler: Tony Aitken
Mr. Fisher: Mike Grady
Henrietta: Jacqueline Clarke
Chips: Jon Glover
Bleep: Hugh Spight
Mr. Squeezebox: David Wood

Music & lyrics by David Wood
Musical arrangements & production by Chris Walker
Conducted by John Patrick

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1. Opening Titles 2. The Code of the Gnomes 3. Starting School 4. Holiday Island 5. It's Springtime 6. This Is My Patch 7. Sitting Fishing 8. Big Ones Are You List'ning 9. The Code of the Gnomes (The Quest) 10. The Song of the Launderette 11. The Fun of the Fair 12. Climb Every Drainpipe 13. The Gnomes at the Zoo 14. Back Home 15. Rum Tum Tiddle I

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