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High Society (Original UK Cast)


Cole Porter's Champagne Musical, featuring Tracey Childs, Michael Howe, Roland Curram, Martin Fisher, Monica Bravo, Rory Campbell, Stewart McLean, Kerris Peeling and Jackie Trent recorded live at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield, 4th May 1996

1. High Society
2. That's Jazz
3. Samantha
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. Let's Vocalize
6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
7. Let's Do It
8. Let's Do It - Playoff
9. Little One
10. I Irritate You So
11. I Worship You
12. Sensational
13. Nobody's Chasing Me
14. You've Got That Thing
15. De-Lovely
16. True Love
17. What A Swell Party This Is
18. In The Still Of The Night
19. Mind If I Make Love To You
20. In The Morning No
21. Curtain Calls

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