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Dog Soldiers


Soundtrack from the movie Dog Soldiers

Original music by Mark Thomas

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Mark Thomas

1. Dog Soldiers
2. Knight's Sword
3. Special Forces
4. Sarge's Theme
5. Christ On A Bike
6. Come On Sunshine
7. Predators
8. Silhouettes
9. Sanctuary
10. No Ordinary Enemy
11. Wildlife
12. Battle
13. Rabbit's Foot
14. Megan
15. Have A Go
16. Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy
17. Expendable
18. Metamorphosis
19. Full Moon
20. Comrades
21. They Think It's All Over

Recorded at Air Lyndhurst and Cottons Lane Studios
Scoring Mixer James Collins
Music Supervisor John Boughtwood for Cutting Edge
Orchestra contracted by Cool Music Ltd
Album produced by Mark Thomas
Album mixed by James Collins at Cotton Lane Studios
Clair de Lune performed by Andrew Massey

Sarge's Theme, Sanctuary and Comrades are based on the traditional folk melody Lyke Wake Dirge

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