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Fascinating Aïda – Back in the Saddle - Fascinating Aïda in Edinburgh (Audio download)


Recorded live at the glorious new Spiegeltent for Assembly in George Square Gardens as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Listen to Liza Pulman, Dillie Keane and Adèle Anderson at their irreverent best in Back in the Saddle - Fascinating Aïda in Edinburgh. New songs include the ode to Brexit, SO SORRY SCOTLAND and the 2016 update to the BULGARIAN SONG CYCLE.

1. Colleagues from Hell
2. One True Religion
3. Enemy of Beauty
4. Mistaken Identity
5. So Sorry Scotland
6. Bulgarian Song Cycle 2016
7. Mother Dear Mother
8. Cheap Flights
9. Time
10. Big C
11. Suddenly New Zealand
12. Little Chef

Click here for 'Back in the Saddle' DVD

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