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Fascinating Ada It, Wit, Don't Give a Shit Girls


Dillie Keane, Adle Anderson and Issy van Randwyck recorded live at the Apollo Theatre, London on March 7th & 8th 1997.

1. The Herpes Tango
2. Shattered Illusions
3. The Magazine Song
4. Sometimes
5. Kangaroo (Reincarnation Song)
6. Let's Go To A Hotel
7. Jealousy
8. Saturday Night
9. Lieder
10. It Girls
11. Charity
12. Sous Les Ponts De Londres
13. Look Mummy, No Hands
14. Swiss Navy Blues
15. Mistaken Identity
16. Taboo
17. Kay, Why?
18. Much More Married
19. Old Home
20. Nightie Nightie Ev'ryone

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