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Bodywork (National Youth Music Theatre Cast)


Featuring Peter Howitt, Chas 'n' Dave, Maria Friedman, Jake Thackray, Lonnie Donegan & Isla St Clair.

1. The Dream Of Unattainable Girls In Swimwear
2. How Are You Today?
3. But It Happens Much Quicker Than That
4. Bodywork
5. Take Two Of These
6. Everybody Says I'm Just Like Dad
7. This May Be Too Early
8. Don't Go
9. Make Myself Beautiful For You
10. Mister, Don't You Cut My Head Off
11. Testosterone
12. They Never Ask Us
13. Life Passes Me By
14. Black Forest Gateau
15. I Am Tomorrow
16. Finale: Drowning/Kiss Of Life/Everybody

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