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Fire & Ice (Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean) Carl Davis/LPO


Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean
Fire & Ice
Composed & Conducted by Carl Davis
The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Leader: David Nolan

1. Prelude/Fire World
2. Vision
3. Ice World
4. The Meeting
5. Ice Court
6. Mask Dance
7. Ice Warriors
8. Adagio
9. Skating Lesson
10. Fire and Ice - Love Duet
11. Ambush
12. Lament/War Dance
13. The Melting/Battle
14. After the War
15. Dance of Hope

Christopher Dean as the Fire Prince is transported through flames into the frozen world of Jayne Torvill's Ice Princess. They are elemental opposites - eternally incompatible yet irresistibly drawn towards each other by a fatal fascination.
Christopher Dean slips and slides his way through the comic but painful experience of learning how to skate for the first time, before coming to the exciting realisation that he can now dance on ice. The couple express and explore a growing, but forbidden love that threatens to destroy both them and the worlds from which they come. As their passion mounts so too does the alarm and anger of the people of the Fire and Ice kingdoms.
Fire & Ice is Torvill and Dean's most ambitious project yet in an 11-year partnership which has made them European, World and Olympic Champions. This one-hour fantasy was conceived especially for television and is the first production to feature skaters and dancers in the same arena. The newly commissioned score is composed & conducted by Carl Davis and played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, leader David Nolan.

Orchestrations: Christopher Palmer & Nic Raine
Recorded at CTS Studios, Wembley
Engineer: Mike Firman
Album produced by Tom Gutteridge
Mixed by Dick Lewzey

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