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Down Home - Bill Tarmey


1. Down Home
2. I Swear
3. She Dreams
4. Come Next Monday
5. One of Those Things
6. Why Didn't I Think of That
7. Too Busy Being In Love
8. Wrong Road Again
9. Sure Love
10. She Believes In Me
11. Cover to Cover
12. When Men Were Men
13. Letting Go
14. Nobody Knows
15. Doctor Time

"When I was approached to make a new album, my producer, Derek Wadsworth, and I felt we should do something different from my previous three albums - so we decided on songs with a 'country' feel.
These are not the old country favourites that have been recorded time and time again, but a selection of newer U.S. country hits. Some will be known to you and some will be heard for the first time.
Country songs always have a strong story line and I am very excited that we have found fifteen great numbers. I hope you share in the enjoyment we had making this album"

Bill Tarmey

intimation creative