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Taboo (Original London Cast)


1. Ode To Attention Seekers
2. Safe In The City
3. Freak
4. Stranger In This World
5. Genocide Peroxide
6. I'll Have You All
7. Love Is A Question Mark
8. Shelter
9. Pretty Lies
10. Guttersnipe
11. Talk Amongst Yourselves
12. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
13. Touched By The Hand Of Cool
14. Everything Taboo
15. Petrified
16. I See Through You
17. Independent Woman
18. Ich Bin Kunst
19. Out Of Fashion
20. Il Adore
21. Pie In The Sky

'Taboo' is the hit West End musical by former Culture Club frontman turned DJ/producer Boy George, featuring brand new songs alongside classics hits including the smash hit 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'. Set amidst the backdrop of the 1980's, this decadent and entertaining new musical takes on the life, times and styles of the innovators who shaped and defined the face of a decade. A fascinating and captivating love story of passion, ambition and betrayal unfolds alongside the journey of Boy George's rise and fall from international stardom.

Music and lyrics: Boy George
Book by: Mark Davies
Music co-writers: Kevan Frost, John Themis & Richie Stevens.
Directed by: Christopher Renshaw

THE COMPANY in order of appearance:
Philip Sallon: Paul Baker
Billy James: Luke Evans
Derek James: Mark White
Josie James: Gemma Craven, Lyn Paul
Petal (a transexual drug dealer & pimp): Mark White
Kim: Dianne Pilkington
George O'Dowd: Euan Morton
Steve Strange: Drew Jaymson
Big Sue: Gail Mackinnon
Leigh Bowery: Matt Lucas, Boy George
Marilyn: Mark McGee
Janey (a journalist): Michelle Hooper
Virus (a prostitute): Lucy Newton
Foxy (a prostitute): Lucy Harris
Policeman: Andy Morton
Jake (a young boy): Joe Docherty
Guru Dazzle: Declan Bennett
Kay Cole (buxom barmaid): Zee Asha

Musical Director/Keyboard: James McKeon
Bass Guitar/Guitar: Justin Homewood
Drums/Guitar: Chris Jago
Guitar: Mark Kulke

Recording Produced by Kevan Frost and molested by Boy George.
Mixed and Engineered by Kevan Frost.
Recorded at Frosty Bros Studio, London England.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at The Town House.

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