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City Of Angels (Original London Cast)


Cy Coleman and David Zippel's homage to the film noir of the 1940s features Roger Allam, Martin Smith, Henry Goodman, Hadyn Gwynne and Fiona Hendley.

1. Prologue - Overture
2. Double Talk
3. Double Talk
4. What You Don't Know About Women
5. Ya Gotta Look Out For Yourself
6. The Buddy System
7. With Every Breath I Take
8. The Tennis Song
9. Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere
10. Lost And Found
11. All Ya Have To Do Is Wait
12. You're Nothing Without Me
13. Entr'acte
14. Stay With Me
15. You Can Always Count On Me
16. The Party & Alaura's Theme
17. It Needs Work
18. L.A. Blues
19. With Every Breath I Take (Reprise)
20. Funny
21. I'm Nothing Without You (Reprise)
22. Exit Music

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