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Hot Mikado (Original London Cast)


The original 1995 London Cast recording.

1. Overture
2. We Are Gentlemen Of Japan
3. A Wand'ring Minstrel I
4. And the Drums Will Crash
5. Behold the Lord High Executioner
6. I've Got A Little List
7. Three Little Maids
8. This Is What I'll Never Do
9. I Am So Proud
10. Let The Throng Our Joy Advance
11. Katisha's Entrance
12. For He's Gonna Marry Yum-Yum
13. The Hour Of Gladness
14. Finale Act One
15. Entr'acte
16. Braid The Raven Hair
17. The Sun & I
18. Swing A Merry Madrigal
19. Here's A Howdy-Do
20. The Mikado Song
21. Alone And Yet Alive
22. Tit-Willow
23. Beauty In The Bellow
24. Finale
25. Playout

Hot Mikado is a musical comedy based on Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, adapted by David H. Bell (book and lyrics) and Rob Bowman (orchestrations and arrangements). This production, directed by David H. Bell, opened at the Queen's Theatre in London (after a tryout in Bromley's Churchill Theatre) and ran for three months. It was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Musical. The cast included Lawrence Hamilton as the Mikado, Paul Manuel as Nanki-Poo, Ross Lehman as Ko-Ko, Richard Lloyd King as Pooh-Bah, Ben Richards as Pish-Tush, Neil Couperthwaite as Junior, Paulette Ivory as Yum-Yum, Alison Jiear as Pitti-Sing, Veronica Hart as Peep-Bo and Sharon Benson as Katisha. The show received good notices, with Plays International writing: "...all the disparate elements come together into a very lively and enjoyable evening."

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