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African Footprint (Original Cast)


1. Creation
2. African Genesis
3. Man
4. We Have Been Here Before
5. Pas De Trois
6. Kealeboga
7. Footprints/Izinyawo
8. Sophiatown Tap
9. Fast Lane Jive
10. Buyani Madoda
11. Prison Song
12. You-Me
13. Pantsula Sport
14. Children Of Africa
15. African Stampede

African Footprint traces the evolution of historical and cultural diversity and is set against the colourful tapestry of South Africa. Accompanied by the fiery words of passion of acclaimed poet, Don Mattera, with exposure to the fusion of award-winning choreographers Debbie Rakusin and David Matamela, and backed by the original, dramatic music of the late composer, Dave Pollecutt, the show is 'an explosive stampede of song and dance'.

Performed by a multi-racial cast, African Footprint has been applauded as both a riveting anthology of South African dance forms, and a powerful 'celebration of life' message, reflecting triumph over adversity, reconciliation and peace.

African Footprint features a riveting cast of 30 performers; 22 black and white singers and dancers, 6 percussionists/drummers, a guitarist and a pennywhistle/saxophonist. In telling its story, African Footprint melds Afro- and Euro-centric dance styles and music, incorporating the uniquely South African Kwela-Jive, traditional gumboot and hip-hop Pantsula, amongst others, to showcase South Africa's diverse and vibrant talent.

From genesis to creation; a rural setting; life on the streets of Soweto and in the shebeens; imprisonment and the struggle for reconciliation against contemporary urban life, to the country's mad obsession with soccer - it is a 'dazzling combination of dance, rhythm, melody and language'.

The media say:
"…I believe African Footprint will be the successor to Riverdance which took the world by storm. African Footprint has the same evocative rhythms, thrilling footwork, haunting music and cultural authenticity, but it offers greater variety." (Rosemary Miller - Odyssey Magazine)

"…Many people find African Footprint's message so compelling, they've seen it more than 30 times. I'm just a beginner. I've only seen it 17 times and, in the words of one local columnist, it is still as explosive as an African Sunset." (Paul Tilsley CNN, South Africa)

"An awe-inspiring spectacular!" (Lisa Wolff - iafrica.com)

"All I can say is…wow!" (Jill De Villiers - The Citizen)

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