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Fascinating Aïda – Hello Dillie! - Dillie Keane


Dillie takes a short break from her Fascinating Aïda gal pals with some brand new songs and some grand old favourites. With gorgeous songs of love and songs of disgraceful filth, Dillie will break your heart, mend it again and have it sent to the cleaners for pressing. And she'll give you her recipe for chutney while she’s at it. Dillie is accompanied by a band of brilliant musicians including the cabaret legend Michael Roulston on piano. Recorded live at the Soho Theatre, London in November 2016.

The full show is now available on DVD, and the songs are available for digital download. Please note this recording is NOT AVAILABLE IN CD FORMAT

Click here to view trailers from the 'Hello Dillie!' DVD

1. My Average Morning
2. Internet Love
3. Shattered Illusions
4. Little Shadows
5. Single Again
6. Back With You
7. Out of Practice
8. Sometimes
9. Pam
10. Go Back to Surabaya, Johnny
11. Much More Married
12. Song of Sexual Re-Orientation
13. This Ain't the Hokey Cokey Any More
14. Song for Tom
15. Love Late
16. One More Campaign
17. Encore: Pudding in the Ritz

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