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First Night Records - The Singles


1. Dean Collinson - Girls' Night Out (from Girls' Night Out)*
2. Elaine Paige - Blow, Gabriel, Blow (from Anything Goes)
3. Gary Wilmot - Who Needs To Dream? (from Copacabana)
4. Michael Ball - Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (from Les MisÚrables)
5. Clinton Derricks-Carroll - Azure-Te (from Five Guys Named Moe)
6. Tommy Steele - It's Always Love (from Some Like It Hot)
7. Hazel O'Connor & David Easter - And I Dream (from Girlfriends)
8. Gregory Bradley - Where Is Love? (from Oliver!)
9. The Original Cast - Lonely Girl (from Kat And The Kings)
10. Jayne Collins - Love Will Always (from Moby Dick)
11. Petula Clark - Someone Like You (from Someone Like You)
12. Merle Louise, Kristy Carnahan, Anthony Crivell & Brent Carver - Dear One (from Kiss Of The Spider Woman)
13. Joel Higgins & Christine Andreas - Too Bad (from Fields Of Ambrosia)
14. Simon Connolly & Nicola Fulljames - We Said We Wouldn't Look Back (from Salad Days)
15. Jeff Leyton - Bring Him Home (from Les MisÚrables)
16. Gary Wilmot & Dina Tree - The Future Isn't What It Used To Be (from The Goodbye Girl)
17. Paul Nicholas & Claire Moore - Could We Start Again Please? (from Jesus Christ Superstar)

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