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Kat And The Kings (Original West End Cast)


David Kramer and Taliep Peterson's infectious musical set in Cape Town of the 50s

1. Overture
2. Memory
3. Lucky Day
4. American Thing
5. Mavis
6. Boetie Guitar
7. Cavalla Kings
8. If Your Shoes Don't Shine
9. Dress To Kill
10. The Tafelberg Hotel
11. Lonely Girl
12. Josephine
13. Wild Time
14. Happy To Be Nineteen
15. Only If You Have A Dream
16. The Last Thing You Need
17. Stupid Boy
18. Cavalla Kings (Intro)
19. The Singing Sensations
20. The Bell Hop
21. Blind Date
22. Lonely Girl (Reprise)
23. The Invisible Dog
24. Hey Baby
25. Cavalla Kings (Reprise)
26. Lagunya
27. Lucky Day (Reprise)
28. The Singing Sensation (Reprise)
29. Hey Baby/Cavalla Kings
30. The Tafelberg Hotel (Reprise)
31. Lagunya (Reprise)
32. Wild Time (Reprise)

Recorded live at the Vaudeville Theatre, London on Saturday 6th June 1998 by Manor Mobiles. Executive producers; David Kramer & Taliep Petersen

Kat Diamond - Salie Daniels
Young Kat Diamond - Jody Abrahams
Bingo - Loukmaan Adams
Ballie - Junaid Booysen
Magoo - Alistair Izobell
Lucy Dixon - Mandisa Bardill
Understudies: Jonathan Savage, Dean Hussain, Sophie Joyce

Trumpet/Musical Director Kevin J Robinson
Keyboards/Assistant MD Adrian Reid
Bass Guitar/Double Bass Oroh Angiama
Electric/Acoustic Guitar Missak Takoushian
Drums/Percusssion Shan Chana
Tenor Sax/Flute Glenn Williams

Engineers: Greg Hackett & Andy Butlin.
Recorded and mixed by: David Hunt
Assisted by Niall Acott

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